A certification seal appears on each container of wine or estate brandy which has been certified by the Wine and Spirit Board. This seal is a guarantee of origin, vintage and variety as stated on the wine label.

It is also a guarantee that the wine complies with IPW criteria.

To verify information, enter the two unique numbers on the seal:


If you still have queries, please contact who are able from these two numbers to track the wine all the way to the vineyard(s) from which it originated.

Other information: The 'A' number is found on the label of both certified and uncertified wines, and provides information on the responsible seller.

Any wines not made to the certified IPW standards will continue to use the original Wine of Origin seal.


Sustainable Wine South Africa (SWSA) is the alliance between the Wine and Spirit Board (WSB), the Integrated Production of Wine (IPW) scheme, the Biodiversity & Wine Initiative (BWI) and Wines of South Africa (WOSA).

Together these organisations are driving the South African wine industry's commitment to sustainable, eco-friendly production.

By considering the consequences of how we grow and make our wine, and thinking ahead for the next generations, we’re not just making better wine – we’re also making wine better.


It is an important principle in ensuring food safety that products can be traced back to source, all along the supply chain. All operators in the chain (from wine grape grower, to wine producer, to supplier of substances intended to be incorporated into wine, to distributor, to exporter, to retailer) must be able to identify any person or business from whom they have been supplied with wine or any substance intended to be incorporated into wine (one step back); and to whom they have supplied wine or any substance intended to be incorporated into wine (one step forward).

Everyone must also have accurate records of each step in the process. The Wine of Origin system traces the bottle of wine all the way back to the vineyard and the new seal links the vineyard to the growing practices in that vineyard. This is a highly sophisticated degree of traceability, which is being universally applied across the South African wine industry.

Other designators for traceability on our wine bottles are the A number, which can be used to identify the seller when the address is not given on the label, and the lot number.